Barbie movies have been a resounding success since the first time they came to light. The stories told in them touch the hearts of the spectators. We have all seen a Barbie movie, almost all of them have a theme of princesses, butterflies or fairies that convey a positive message, friendship, love, struggle and perseverance. Almost all films are based on a fantasy story. In each of the films, Barbie is a heroine who, together with her friends and sisters, manages to decipher the most hidden mysteries that appear in their lives.  How to forget when Barbie was one of the musketeers of the court! The mermaid adventure where Barbie was the most beautiful princess of the sea.

We all remember Christmas with Barbie, these have been the most successful films. We each have our favorite movies, the most recent ones have detailed animation that allow you to see Barbie more beautiful than ever.  Barbie has gained a lot of popularity and each movie has left an unforgettable mark on each of the girls and people who have seen her movies. Since the premiere of Barbie in the Nutcracker in 2001, to date, every Barbie movie has been a resounding success in movie theaters.

The values fostered by Barbie films can be an inspiration for children who learn every day about life and especially to face problems in a positive way, always relying on family and friends. The Barbie movie saga has remained in the hearts of all of us who have grown up with these stories. Would not you love to have the best Barbie movies in your collection forever? We know that they are an invaluable treasure and that for whole generations we will enjoy their history because ineach film we will find a nice message to share.


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