Barbie A Fairy Secret (2011)

Barbie A Fairy Secret

Barbie and her Friends Taylor and Carrie work together and support each other; they are exclusive designers for Barbie and magically fix their Friends dresses.

It all starts when Barbie is about to release a new movie and goes to the premier with her boyfriend ken. During the red carpet Rachel another actress that is envious of Barbie, tore her dress and tries to make her look bad in any possible way.

A fairy named Crystal who has seen everything, takes pictures of ken; she shows them to Princess Graciela, who has been given a love potion and instantly falls in love with Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend. Crystal does this because she wants to keep the princess´ fiancé for herself.

The princess under the enchantments of the love potion is looking for Ken, and to Barbie and Rachel’s surprise once Crystal finds Ken she takes him captive so that they can be married.

Ken doesn`t understand what is going on, and is very nervous princess Graciela tells him they are going to be married, that very night! , leaving her fiancé and celebrating with a grand wedding in the kingdom of the fairies.

Meanwhile Barbie and Rachel are so surprised by Kens´ kidnapping that decide to go looking for him even though they have no idea where to start!

Taylor and Carrie, who are also fairies and have been thrown out from the city of angels by Princess Graciela, tell Barbie and Rachel who the kidnappers are and offer to help them.

Barbie, Rachel and her fairy friends travel to the land of fairies but in order to move around in the new world they are in, Barbie and Rachel need to find wings.

Princess Graciela finds out that that Taylor and Carrie are planning on ruining her wedding , so she decides to hold the four prisoners in a cell called the “rage sphere” and by doing so they won´t be able to ruin the princess´ wedding with ken.

All the arrangements are made so that the wedding can take place ,meanwhile Barbie and Rachel get to talking and have decided to forget about all the past events between them ,and become friends.

The princesses’ former fiancé interrupts the wedding reception because he loves the princess and doesn’t want her to get married to anyone else, but she totally ignores him and orders for the reception to continue.

It seems like no one can stop the weeding from taking place, and just when they are going to be declared husband and wife, Barbie and Rachel barge in, they were able to free themselves, and began a fight with a very furious Princess Graciela who doesn’t realize she is acting under the influence of the love potion.

Princess Graciela is freed from the spell that was upon her and returns happily to her fiancé´s arms, leaving Barbie and Ken finally together. She makes up with Taylor and Carrie and once again becomes their friend.

Crystal the fairy that made the love potion and caused all the trouble is punished and has to clean up all the mess, and get everything prepared for the upcoming wedding of the royal couple.

Ken, Barbie and Rachel return to their world ,thinking everything had been only a dream, never the less Barbie and Rachel know that they can be good friends in spite everything.