Barbie A Fashion Fairytale (2010)

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale

This story is full of fantasy and magic, and it all starts one day when nothing is working out for Barbie; after having a discussion with a movie director, she works for as an actress, she is fired for making him upset.

Barbie thinks that she will have her audiences support, but through the public network she finds out the audience applause the directors decision to fire her, this news makes her very sad and the only thing that makes her feel better is knowing she has Ken´s support, just then she receives a phone call from Ken telling her he doesn’t want to see her ever again. What else can happen to poor Barbie?
Barbie decides she won’t be sad and begins one of the best adventures of her life that will help her accomplish one of her great victories.

After that terrible day the best decision Barbie makes is to go to Paris along with her pet dog Seequin. She arrives to her aunt Millicent place her aunt owns a fashion house that has gone bankrupt, because of Jacqueline and her assistant Delphine who stole all of her designs and where one of her biggest competitions.

When Barbie arrives to Paris, she can’t believe that her fashion house is ruined her aunt tells her that she and her assistant Alecia have already sold the building and must empty it in two days. Because they are going to use the place to put a hotdog stand, Barbie is extremely sad.

When Alecia and Barbie are alone, Alecia tells Barbie a fantastic story about the place where her fashion house used to be. A legend about magic that brought fashion to life. Since ancient times there was a magic spell that if you cast it brings three fairies to life: Shyne, Shimmer and Glimmer who use their magic to make the designs of any designer perfect.

Barbie and Alecia cast the spell and the three fairies appear and make Alecia´s designs beautiful the girls are very excited!!

So now with the fairies help the decide to make an entire collection to be presented before they destroy the fashion house hoping to be able to save it and bring life back to the fashion business in Paris.

Meanwhile in Malibu Ken discovers that someone played a trick on Barbie and made her believe it was really Ken that ended their relationship. So he is determined to find Barbie and tell her how much he really loves her and explain everything to her.

Jaqueline and her assistant Delphine steal the fairies from Barbie so that their designs can be better than Barbie´s.

Barbie continues with her collection without the fairies help, she won’t give up and on the night of the runway the fairies are freed and arrive before the grand event, they immediately make the collection even more beautiful the people in the event were astonished, they had just been at Jacqueline’s runway her collection was horrible because the fairies magic was no longer helping her, and now at Millisents runway they couldn’t believe their eyes their new collection was a hit and they called it Fashion Magic In Paris!!!

Their dresses became a sensation people placed huge orders the designers where so happy because they saved their fashion house just then Ken walks in and explains everything to Barbie and they are now very happy in the beautiful city of Paris.