Barbie A Perfect Christmas (2011)

Barbie A Perfect Christmas (2011)

Barbie and her sisters plan to spend Christmas in New York City with aunt Millicent. They are very excited and get everything ready and during the flight the plane had to change course, and so they have to continue their trip by car; but the snow storm is blocking the road, so they stayed in a log cabin where they met Cristie, who is the owner of the cabin and is full of the Christmas spirit.

They were all arranging the Christmas tree and gifts; the girls are very excited because there is magic in the air and all about.

Do you want to know what this story is all about?

Barbie promises her sisters that they will have a perfect Christmas even if they can’t get to New York.

Barbie is restless and can’t sleep, she goes out of her room and finds Cristie and tells her she doesn’t want to let her sisters down, but she knows they won’t get to New York on time, Cristie cheers her up telling her to make a wish upon a star. Barbie wishes to have a perfect Christmas.

Next morning Christmas day, Skipper tells her sisters that the flight has been canceled due to the bad weather. Chelsea and Stacy get mad but Barbie tries to cheer them up and takes them outside to have fun, they find magical things like a big barn full of presents, when they are back in the cabin they are in a great mood and decided to help prepare for the Christmas party.

Skipper will be part of a band with two young kids they met, Stacy and Chelsea will participate in a dog show, and Barbie will decorate for the show. Stacy and Skipper are in a bad mood and scold Chelsea, she gets very sad and hides somewhere it’s dark and can’t find her.

How does the story end?

After many hours of searching they find her in a barn, they talk and decide to forgive each other on that special night. They all stand out in the show but the best surprise is yet to come.

Aunt Millicent arrives and they all gather around the special Christmas tree, and are very happy.