Barbie And her Sisters in a Pony Tale (2013)

Barbie And her Sisters in a Pony Tale

When Barbie and her sisters go to their Aunt Marlene’s Ridding Academy on vacations and to find a horse to take back to Malibu, they never thought they were going to live one of the most beautiful experiences of their life along with the most fantastic living things that exist on earth: horses.

One day Barbie and her sisters Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper decide to go on vacations for a month to the Alpine Academy, her aunt Marlene’s Ridding school. It’s a beautiful place in the Swiss Alps.

When they arrive they are very excited, and have decided they will learn how to ride a horse and become great riders just like their sister Barbie.

Monsieur Etienne and experimented rider and horse lover becomes the girls professor they struggle with their horses a bit, meanwhile Barbie continues searching for her dream horse and it seems like she will never find it. She wants to take it back to Malibu with her and enter ridding contests.

During their stay they find aunt Marlene’s academy has serious economic problems and that the rival academy the Ecole Montagne is having much more success and so they decide to help their aunt, preparing for the contest and by winning they will save their aunts school.

Monsieur Etienne’s brother, the evil Monsieur Philippe who is in charge of the rival academy Ecole Montagne, spy’s on Barbie because she has showed for the famous legend that all the people from the Swiss Alps know.

And it goes something like this:

Many centuries ago there was a special breed of horses that where only at the service of princesses, the fidelity if these majestic horses was impressive , they defended their riders ,the honored and complemented each other; they were so strong and fast it seemed as if they were flying, no one has ever seen one of these horses, they are only a legend but if someone were to see one they would now it’s a majestic because it has a pink lock of hair on their head and their beauty has no match.

While Barbie was riding through the fields she saw a majestic, she gained the horses trust and was able to ride it; the majestic was real and he chose Barbie to be his rider!!

Monsieur Philippe saw this while spying on Barbie and he was sure he would be able to find the majestic valley and take them back with him and use them for his school.

When the contest day arrived the girls all won the first place and set their academy ahead, now its Barbie’s turn, they realize that monsieur Philippe has let aunt Marlenes horses escape and cant compete any more.

Barbie goes to get the majestic horse and gets him in the final race; Monsieur Philippe wasn’t able to stop the speed and stangth of the beautiful horse ridden by Barbie.

Barbie and majestic win and they are able to save Aunt Marlene’s academy. It’s time for Barbie to say goodbye, she thinks it would be cruel to take majestic with her to Malibu ,she knows that it should be free and grow with its family, and hopes to see it again and ride it as a Princess would.