Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

In a beautiful magic kingdom the Princess Annika`s birthday is coming up, she is a young girl who wants to be free of her royal duties without her parents intervention, on her birthday Annika escapes to an ice ring to skate along with a little polar bear, called Shiver she is very happy doing what she likes to do best until she realizes that her parents are desperately looking for her, the Princess goes back to the castle, and is severely scolded the king and Queen have Forbidden her to skate.

Annika is very frustrated and gets mad at the Queen so she escapes again and goes to the kingdom festivities and an evil sorcerer mysteriously named Wenlock when he sees her he asks her to marry him.

Annika of course refuses, so the furious Whenlock goes to the king and Queen and he reminds them the bad luck their other daughter had, when Annika hears this she is very surprised, she did not know that part of her past but she had no time to ask any questions because in that moment the sorcerer casts a terrible spell on the magic kingdom.

Wenlock turns absolutely everything into stone; before the spell touches Annika she is, rescued by Brietta a Pegasus that suddenly appears and helps he run away but before she goes the evil sorcerer tells her she has three days to marry him, on the contrary the spell will be permanent in all the habitants.

Brietta takes Annika to the Cloud Kingdom a place far from the evil sorcerer this place where Brietta lives ever since he got the spell that turns he in to Pegasus, Annika is now aware that Pegasus who saved her is her sister. Who was also a victim of Wenlock because she too refused to marry him!

Princess Annika decides to build a stick of light, which according to Biretta’s advice is the only thing that will break the spell, the stick of light should be made of a measure of courage, a ring of love and a gem of ice; all illuminated the eternal flame of hope.

While they search for the elements that can make the stick of light possible Annika and Brietta travel to then forbidden woods, a fearful and strange place that is not happy to welcome them. They are trapped there and a young man named Aidan helps them get out without being hurt. Nevertheless their tranquility doesn’t last long because the Bear Shiver and Annika fall into a giant pot.

Annika is able to get out using her hair ribbon that is as long as she is and is a measure of courage and turns into the first ingredient for the stick of light. They continue their journey and find a cave full of gems a sign in the cave tells them to take to only take what they need, then Aiden starts to elaborate the stick of light, he talks to his new friends and tells them he deeply regrets running away from home and having lost all his money gambling and because of this he wants to help them and return home and ask for forgiveness.

Brietta offers her crown to make the ring of love now they have the three objects needed to make the stick of light and they do so the stick of light is ready. Brietta is transformed into a human again. Annika and Brietta return to their Kingdom and defeat Wenlock, everyone is happy to have them back.