Barbie and The Secret Door (2014)

Barbie and The Secret Door

Princess Alexa is a normal girl, whose hobby is reading all the time. She lives a bit overwhelmed by her royal duties and knows that Mr. Primrose, strives to make it a refined princess. Alexa needs to prepare for the prom that year after year takes place at the castle, but she does not like waltz and she prefers having fun with her friends.

One day the grandmother of Alexa, a noble and nice woman, gives the princess a book, a book that has never read. Alexa started reading and goes into the adventures of the book. She imagines what it would do if she had magical powers: she would fly, she would convert all the things, she would draw her life with laughter and fun. All could be reality! All the dreams come true!

The books give you magic in your imagination! What Alexa does not know is that this book is the key to a magical place in her royal garden. With her book, Alexa enters the unknown world without hesitation. And she can’t believe what she sees: it is a completely different world with funny and colorful characters.

Alexa is received with excitement because the inhabitants of this strange world, they know that she can help them beat Malucia, an evil queen who wants to steal the magic of the earth. Initially Alexa is baffled, because she knows she has magical powers, everything changes when she discovers she can do whatever you want with the magic wand that was granted to enter the magical world.

Princess Alexa is helped by all because they know she is the only one, who can save them from Malucia, Malucia is the only princess who was born without magic and dedicates her life to steal the magic of the others: steals the magic of mermaids and fairies but her main objective is to steal the magic of the horns of the unicorns.

Fairies and Mermaids gather to protect the unicorns; Malucia is ready to do anything. Nothing will stop her to steal all magic the inhabitants. She is aided by the Trogs and Sniffers who can sniff any magic.

Princess Alexa is a difficult mission however, her friends Romy and Nori, will help confront the queen Malucia. At one point, Malucia will find the unicorn queen and her objectives are to be fulfilled.

The battle between the Queen Malucia and Princess Alexa performed, and when Malucia will overcome strife, because has stolen all the magic including horns of unicorns; the girls plan is carried out with some difficulty but finally, the girls manage to snatch the Malucia’s magic.

At that moment the Princess Alexa returns to each their magic: wings fairies, mermaid’s tail, and unicorn’s horns. Happiness returns to the kingdom; but Malucia went back to being a normal girl inhabitant of the kingdom.

In the end, the princess Alexa returned to her palace waiting for the royal ball; Princess Alexa is happy to have lived this beautiful adventure, and she interprets the best choreography of her life.