Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)

Barbie and the Three Musketeers

This is a story about Corinne a Young seventeen year old girl, that dreams about becoming a protector of the French Royal Family, a musketeer, just like her father was: the great D´Artagon.

Corinne´s mother wants to change her daughters mind and doesn’t want her to go to Pairs, because she is afraid and thinks that being a musketeer is very dangerous, but she doesn’t want to ruin her daughter’s dreams and she supports her. She gives Corinne some money and a letter for her to give Sir.Treville, a musketeer that was her father’s friend asking him to guide and protect her daughter during her journey.

Corinne is happy because her mother is supporting her. She says goodbye and is off to Pairs along with her cat Miette and her father’s old horse Alexander.

When Corinne arrives to Pairs the first thing she wants to do is give Sir. Treville the letter her mother sent him so she stars looking for him, she gets into a fight with some men that make fun of her when she tells them that Sir. Treville is going to make her a musketeer.

In spite of the mocking, Corrine is able to reach Sir. Treville, he receives her with great pleasure knowing she is D´Artagons daughter; sadly he has to tell her that he doesn’t think woman have the abilities needed to become mosque tears, and that she is waiting her time; nevertheless he thinks she is a very nice and charming young girl so he tells her she should keep on practicing and that maybe one day she will be ready.

When Corrine leaves she chases her cat that has runaway she bumps into three girls named: Viveca, Aramina and Renee, and accidently gets them all full of mud, that makes their boss Madame Bosse very angry.

Corinne asks Madam Bosse to give her a job and she agrees; since the three girls are angry they give her lots of extra work to do and totally ignore her.

With time they end up liking her they think she is a nice girl and become her friends.

One day while they are cleaning up, Cornnie meets Prince Luis that is about to be crowned King; they become good friends and he tells her about his dreams of inventing things to help the people of his Kingdom, but above all he wants to invent something that can make him fly. He is sad because if he is to become the King he will have to leave his dreams of being an inventor behind.

Corinne comforts him, saying that he can still make his dreams come true and tells him about her own dream: to become a musketeer, but the Prince just like everyone else thinks that women can’t be musketeers that makes her furious; the Prince apologizes for hearting her feelings.

The day passes by and Corinne’s dream to become a mosquetear keeps growing and to her surprise her friends share the same dream, so they all want to reach their goal: become musketeers and defend the Kings of France!

Prince Luis discovers there is a plot against him and asks the four girls to help him trap the traitor his cousin Phillip; the brave young girls take on great battles and are able to trap Phillip and take him prisioner, now the Prince can be crowned.

Once he is King Luis, names the girl musketeers of the Royal House. Every one congratulates them and they are aware of the great responsibility they have taken on, and when they discover that there is another plot against King Luis they are ready to fight and exclaim ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE!!!