Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

This beautiful movie will transport you on a trip full of castles and dragons, kingdoms, princesses and evil wizards.

A story that will touch deep into your heart and will assure you that there are no barriers, no obstacles that can stop you when you have put your mind and soul into reaching something.

While Barbie is painting a beautiful picture, her sister Kelly is having trouble at all, so Barbie decides to tell her a story that can inspire her painting the story is called Rapunzel.

A long time ago when dragons and princesses ruled the young lady with long beautiful hair named Rapunzel, lived inside a castle with a wicked witch named Greta. She was an evil woman that treated Rapunzel as a slave and wouldn´t let her do what she loved most: paint!!

Greta kept Rapunzel a prisoner, so that she could do everything Greta wanted and more. Until one day Rapunzel along with her best friends: a small dragon and bunny, discovered a beautiful comb that had something written on it ,it said: “Infinite like the stars in the sky, our love for you is long lasting ,for our daughter Rapunzel on this her first birthday, with all our love, momma and papa”. So this only confirms what the evil Greta had told Rapunzel that she was abandoned by her parents!

With help from her friend the dragon and bunny, the Rapunzel manages to get out of the castle where she was being held captive and for the very first time knows what it is like to be outside. She is thrilled! While she is outside she can hear someone screaming for help, it was a little girl that had fallen into a trap.

Rapunzel immediately helps the little girl out of the trap, when all of a sudden a young handsome boy arrives, it´s the little girl´s brother, he thanks Rapunzel for being so brave and helping his little sister. Rapunzel blushes, and runs fast away for she had been out of the castle for a long time.

Something horrible awaited her! Since Greta found out Rapunzel had left the castle, she punished her by locking her away in a tall tower, with no way out, and nothing inside it to even try to escape. The small dragon encourages her to paint, so that she feels better, her dragon friend brought her some stuff so that she could start painting.

Rapunzel discovers that the comb, she had found hidden in a secret place some time ago, has the ability to transform itself into a powerful paintbrush that can paint anything she wants, so then she decides to paint the town she had seen when she escaped from the castle, and then finds out that she can magically go to the places she paints through her paintings!

And that is how Rapunzel is able to meet with the young boy she had seen before, who turned out to be the Prince Stefan; he explains to her that for a long time now two great kingdoms have been against each other and that probably the person that made her magic paintbrush is from the rival kingdom.

The wicked Greta finds out that Rapunzel has escaped again and has met with Prince Stefan; this makes her furious and makes her want to hurt the Prince. He falls into one of the witch’s traps and the battle begins.

Rapunzel escapes helped by her friend the dragon, and knowing that the Prince is in great danger she presents herself before him, and right then and there discovers that the witch had stolen her as a baby and that her parents are the King and Queen of the rival kingdom.

Greta is beaten by Prince Stefan and is locked up for life. Rapunzel is recognized as the Kings´ long lost daughter and the two kingdoms are reunited with the wedding of the Prince and Princess.
Among cheers and praises, the people of the kingdoms celebrate the happiness that now rules in both kingdoms once and for all!

So Barbie asks her sister Kelly to never give up and to always fight for her dreams. A beautiful message don’t you think? So we say the same to you! Fight for what you want and you will get it!