Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)

Barbie as the Island Princess

A Little girl by the name of Ro grew up on a deserted island after a tragic shipwreck where she was traveling, Ro was the only one to survive, and she was raised by animals that lived on the island and were to become her Friends and the only family she knew: the panda Sagi, a baby elephant named Tika, and a blue peacock that always amused everyone.

Ro`s past seemed to have been erased from her memories, she didn`t remember anything, the only thing she had with her was a chest with a few belongings, among which was a flag with a White rose printed on it and that would soon bring her pleasant surprises.

Ro continued her life with naturality with her Friends on the island; until one day her luck changed and with it the course of her destiny.

One day a handsome Young man named Antonio arrives to the island, he was a Prince that was always looking for adventures and exploring new lands; when he arrives to the island he is violently attacked by crocodiles, but he is saved by Ro.

The Prince is very grateful with Ro and feels in debt with her, so he offers to take her with him back to his kingdom, and with luck he will help her discover the story of her past, so Ro accepts and takes on the journey with her inseparable animal Friends. During the journey and without being aware of it the two youngsters fall in love.

Once they arrive to their destination the King and queen aren´t happy to see that Ro and the Prince are in love, the don´t want the Prince to have a relationship with a girl so wild and uneducated; so having this in mind the King decides to arrange a quick marriage for his son with a Princess from a kingdom nearby, Princess Luciana daughter of a very evil woman: Queen Ariana.

The ambitious and evil Queen, wants to take control of the other kingdom and she plans on doing it by getting her daughter to marry the Prince as soon as possible, for she knows that the Prince and Ro are in love, and is afraid the marriage is at risk, so in her attempt to save the wedding she will do anything to get rid of Ro.

Ro is sad because of the upcoming wedding and is very unhappy away from home. Never the less she stays in the kingdom for quite some time; and during the engagement party everyone is captive by Ro`s beauty and grace. Antonio can´t spare telling Ro how much he loves her, Ro in order to avoid any trouble decides to go back home.

When Ro has decided to leave she sees a wagon with flags that have a White rose printed on them, just like the one in her chest!!.

She immediately starts to investigate, and is told that it is the royal emblem of a nearby kingdom called Paladia, but the kings of that kingdom only had sons and no daughters . She is devastated by the news and is now even sadder than before.

Meanwhile Ariana the wicked Queen decides to get rid of Ro, so she castes a spell on some herbs in order to put all the animals of the kingdom to sleep.

Everyone in the kingdom thinks it is Ro´s doing, so they put her away in a cell.

When Antonio asks for Ro to be freed, the King tells him she will be freed and returned to the island only if he is married immediately.

Ro is finally free and on a boat back to her island, but Ariana the wicked Queen makes her have an accident and when she is almost drowning in the freezing ocean waters Ro`s remembers her shipwreck as a child, there was a horrible storm, she fell off the board while a man screamed out her name Rosella.

Having had her memory back Ro called her Friends the dolphins and they took her back to the Prince´s kingdom.

The wicked Ariana tries to kill everyone in the kingdom, Ro discovers this and Luciana, Arianna’s daughter confirms everything. Ariana is captured and locked away.

Ro tells them that she remembers her past and her real name is Rosella a woman overhears and recognizes Ro as her daughter, Ro gets married to the Prince and is happier than ever, Luciana says goodbye and wishes them the best of luck.