Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

This is a beautiful movie that will take us into the life of two young girls that were born on the same day, same year, same month, and the same kingdom. They aren’t sisters and they don’t know each other but their lives will come together and change the course of their story.

It all begins when Princess Annalisa and a humble seamstress Erika are born, on the same day, same hour kingdom. They are identical the only thing that is different is the color of their hair, the princesses has is golden like the sun and Erika’s hair is black like the night. The princess has a mole on her shoulder that Ericka doesn’t have.

One day while the princess was taking a stroll through the kingdom with her professor Julian ,she finds herself face to face with Erika; they are both surprised to see how much they look alike, they talk about their life’s and become friends.

Princess Annalise is worried because her kingdom is out of gold receives, and to save her Kingdom she must marry King Dominick who she doesn’t know and doesn’t love, but she must carry out her royal duties.

Erika lives to fulfill her bosses orders an arrogant and bad woman that only wants to get rich at workers expense, and Erika is one of them. They both live a difficult situation, that are about to get worse.

When Annalise returns to her castle she is kidnapped by the evil Queens advisor Preminge, who plans to stop the princesses weeding and fake that he has rescued her and then ask for her hand in marriage.Preminge is helped by his workers and keeps princess Annalise a prisioner. Julian the princess’s professor finds out what Preminge has done, and remembers that Erika looks just like the princess so he asks her to pretend she is the princess. And ruin Preminges plans.

The weeding plans continue, King Dominick has fallen in love, but she can’t tell him who she really is.

When Premenige finds out what’s going on he tells the Queen that Erika is an imposter, the Queen is furious and knows that Erika is not her daughter because she doesn’t have the mole on her shoulder.

The Queen sends Erika to a cell, Erika escapes with Dominick’s help, and Annalise also escapes with the help of her true love Julian.

The Queen is about to marry Premanige, just then the two girls arrive, and they tell the Queen everything that the evil Premanige has done and that he has stolen the kingdoms gold!!!

The Queen orders Premenige to be locked up. Annalise marries Julian, King Dominick marries beautiful Erika the kingdom is safe and they have also found a new Crystal mine; they all live happily ever after!!!