Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow (2007)

Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow

Elinas adventures seem to find no end; Fairytopia is a place that has been through a lot for quite some time now. Elina has rescued the Guardian fairy’s that had been kidnapped, as well as Prince Nalu. Now what surprises await Elina?

Elina and her friend Bibble live in a magic prairie that is one of the many regions in Fairytopia the magic kingdom behind the rainbow. One day to our little heroes surprise they are visited by Azura, one of the seven fairy guardians of Fairytopia she tells Elina that the fairy governor has decided to ask all of the fairy guardians together so they can each choose a pupil. Someone that should learn everything a fairy guardian knows. Azura wants Elina to be her pupil and tells her she must present herself at the Crystal Castle. Elina is excited and decides to take on this new adventure a story filled with bravery.

Once Elina and her pet Bibble start their trip they meet another pupil named Linden and his pet Tumby the four become good friends and make each other company during their journey.

When they arrive to the palace they happily meet other pupils. Elian becomes friends with Glee and along with the others pays attention to the instructions the seven guardian fairies give. They tell the pupils that they have to make a spring flight and that it is one of the most important flights in Fairytopia. By doing so they prevent the fairy kingdom from having cold winters during ten years.

The pupils accept that honor but must take classes the fairy guardians teach them flying techniques. As the course goes by it becomes very obvious that Elina stands out.

The terrible Laverna wants revenge and wants to destroy Elina, so she prepares a trap with help from her friend Maximus that is a mushroom. Elina without having a clue will break the spell that kept Laverna trapped freeing her Elina is devastated and worried about what she has done so she asks the guardian fairies to reinforce the surveillance because she is sure that Laverna will come back to destroy Fairytopia.

Due to the increasing danger they are constantly patrolling Fairytopia but this isn’t enough, out of the blue all of the guardian fairies fall into a comma ; so in order to solve the problem “The Witch” must train the pupils herself now that the Spring dance is just around the corner. Everything got so complicated since Lavern has escaped.

The day of the grand dance is here at last! The seven pupils begin the demonstration during which Elina discovers that Sunburst one of the pupils is in fact the evil Lavern. Elina is scared so she abandons the ceremony to search for the real Sunburst; she finds her captive in a bubble and sets her free they both return to the Crystal Palace.

Elina and her friend fight against Laverna; Laverna challenges “The Witch” to give up the throne and if she doesn’t Laverna will destroy Spring “The Witch” surrenders because she wants to save the kingdom. Laverna isn’t faithful to her promise and begins to destroy the colors from where the rainbow will appear. Elina tries to stop her and is wounded; the other pupils give her their powers so that she can beat Laverna. Elina is transformed into a beautiful rainbow fairy and fights again with Laverna and defats her. In spite of all the damage spring arrives and with it the rainbow and all of the pupils are rewarded for their courage and for saving Fairytopia.

Elina and Bibble return to their magical prairie with great satisfaction saying good bye to their good friends!!!