Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia (2006)

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia

Not all was happiness in after all in Fairytopia that beautiful ´place behind the rainbow where Elina got her wings after helping ruin Laverna´s wicked plans.

This new story takes place a little after Elina had enjoyed her new wings ,flying all over Fairytopia her friend loved and respected her for everything she has done for them. She receives a message from a sea butterfly that her friend Nalu the triton Prince has been kidnapped by mushrooms under the commands of the evil Laverna.

The evil fairy that had been defeated by Elina and was excited doesn’t give up easily and is now searching for inmmunity, what is that? It’s a plant that if you eat it will grant you immunity and no harm can come to whoever has eaten it!

Laverna believes this plant will help her with her plans she orders to kidnap Prince Nalu, for he is the only one that knows where to find the immunity plant.

Maximus the mushroom leader threatens Prince Nalu with spilling a magical poison into the ocean in order to destroy Mermaidia, if he doesn’t take them to the place where they can find the immunity plant.

Nalu guides them underwater where they keep him captive. Nalu has stalled them in their search, because he has taken them to a place in the ocean named the “confusion carrousel” where people forget what they are doing ,this allows him to guide them in circles for a long time until Maximus finds out what has been going on and orders Nalu to get them out of there.

Elina began a search party and as always is risking her life to help a friend. During her journey she finds a mermaid named Nori who wants to help Elina recue Nalu. They both go to see the dolphin oracle to ask him where they can find the prince.

The only one who knows where to find the dolphin is the merfairies, and Elina is able to communicate with them. Once she knows the dolphins’ location they go looking for him.

The dolphin tells them they have to travel into the deep waters of desperation in order to find the fog mirror that will guide them to Nile, he also tells Elina that she must change her wings for a tail so that she can swim strongly enough to get to the mirror, Elina agrees and receives a pearl necklace that will allow her to make the change but she only has a certain amount of time, otherwise she will be a mermaid forever.

Once Elina is transformed into a mermaid she finds a magic bubble that takes them to a cave full of boiling water that is where they see Prince Nalu being guarded by two evil mushrooms. They rescue him putting their intelligence and wit to work.

Nalu tells them that the leader of the mushrooms has arrived to the cave where the immunity plant grows.

The fairies don’t give up and they fight to keep the plant from evils hands, they finally win but Elina has not gotten out of the water on time and is now trapped forever in a mermaid body. Elina follows Nory advice and decides to take the risk and eats the immunity plant to see if she can get her wings back, she succeeds and gets new beautiful wings. Nory and Nalu fall in love and Elina returns to Fairytopia.

Laverna takes a big bite out of a plant that she thinks is the immunity plant, and is changed into a horrible toad she swears revenge from Elina. Elina is back at the prairie and is congratulated by Azura, for the courage she always shown by defeating whoever wants to destroy her friends.