Barbie Fairytopia (2005)

Barbie Fairytopia

Fairytopia is a magical world that exists just behind the rainbow. A place of magic and colors, home of all the fairies of the world. Happiness rules among this place under “The Witches” orders who is the Queen of all fairies. Being Fairytopia a big place the Queen has named seven guardians for each garden; seven fairy guardians to take care of the security of all the inhabitants of Fairytopia.

Everything seems to be marching along until one day certain things would change the story of Elina the wingless fairy that lives in Fairytopia.

Elina as I have already told you is a fairy that was born with no wings, she suffered because she couldn’t fly like every other fairy in her world she was bullied and made fun of. One day something awful starts to happen in Fairytopia.

A disease stars to affect all of the fairies they became weak and couldn’t fly, Elina investigates what’s going on and discovers that not only has the disease spread but the guardian fairies started to disappear also.

Everyone immediately start to notice that the guardians have been kidnapped by the evil Laverna who is the twin sister of the Queen of Fairytopia. Laverna plans to take control of the kingdom by taking away each guardians necklace.

Elina is the only one that can help her kingdom because she is immune to the sickness due to the fact that she has no wings. She starts to search for the seventh fairy that has not yet been kidnapped: Azura who is a very kind fairy and helps Elina and encourages her to face Laverna and save Fairytopia.

Azura gives Elina her necklace to prevent Laverna from taking their powers when Azura arrives to Lavernas kingdom she realizes that “The Witch” the Queen of all fairies is also very sick, and has been kidnapped by her wicked twin sister.

Elina knows she can’t waste any time and that only she can ruin Laveran’s plans.

Elina at last reaches Laveran’s castle and is captured along with the other guardian fairies. Laverna tells Elina that if she gives her the necklace she will give her wings. Elina is about to agree, but then comes to her senses and destroys the union point where Laverna is putting all the powers that come from the necklaces.

Laverna is defeated and the illness disappears, the fairies are getting better and the Queen gives Elina a necklace just like the ones guardian fairies have she has sure earned it!

When Elina puts it on she is transformed and is granted beautiful wings that make her a normal fairy. And so this is how everyone in Fairytopia lives happy and peacefully for a long time until something horrible happens again.