Barbie in a Christmas Carol (2008)

Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Christmas is a time of year we all love and enjoy because it is a time to share with those we love, but not everyone likes this season of the year. That is the case of an English singer named Eden Starling. Barbie will tell her little sister Kelly this story.

Eden was a woman that hated Christmas, and had no consideration for anyone but herself; she was only interested in her own wellbeing, and that made her a cold and selfish person.

She was one of the most famous, beautiful and talented English singers, and she owned her own theater. Her only friend was her fat and vain pet cat named Chuzzelwit who also hates Christmas carols and parties.

Eden has many employees that work for her in the theater but she doesn’t treat them well at all, they are Freddy, Ann, Nan and Maurice as well as the wardrobe designer Catherine. Eden’s staff is planning on having their holiday vacations but Eden won’t give them a single day off and tells them that whoever wants to go celebrate can do so but will be fired!

All of Eden’s employees ask Catherine to talk to her and try to convince her to give them days off for the holidays, sadly Catherine can’t convince her, Eden continues with her plans to work that day, because for her Christmas is just like any ordinary day.

Since there is no way to change her mind, her employees give up. That night, Eden is visited by her Aunt Maries spirit, who died years ago and now as a spirit has to wonder about carrying very heavy chains and is awaiting her punishment for the cruel way she educated Eden.

When Eden wakes up she is visited by the spirit of the past an old and nice classmate that will take her on a trip to her past, specially to her past Christmases that she lived as a child. So off they go for a blast in the past!

Aunt Marie a very strict woman made her niece work and practice her piano and take her singing classes Eden never had a break! Not even on Christmas.

Eden and Catherine her wardrobe designer had been friends since they were kids, the spirit takes her to her past to when Catherine invited her to celebrate Christmas with her, but her aunt Marie got so upset and of course didn’t give her permission and forbidden her to ever celebrate Christmas.

When Eden returns the spirit of the Christmas shows her how all her workers mock her and talk about her behind her back, they think she is mean and cruel ,all of them except Catherine who is a good and generous woman that visits children at orphans.

Eden is now aware that she needs help, but she doesn’t want to give in, and stays firm to her beliefs that Christmas should not be celebrated.

The spirit of future Christmases shows her what will happen if she keeps on being the way she is and denies her the opportunity of being happy; Eden then sees herself in the future she is no longer famous, she is very poor and alone, on the other side, Catherine has become a very rich and famous designer and is now very much like Eden mean, cruel, and arrogant!

All of a sudden Eden wakes up she knows she has to make big changes so she call her workers and lets them know that they can go and celebrate Christmas with their family and friends.

Since then Eden became a very good person loving and caring for her fellow neighbors what a great lesson to learn!