Barbie in Princess Power (2015)

Barbie in Princess Power

Princess Kara is an adventurous girl who dreams of creating a Community Garden (a place to contribute to her kingdom, where all work be make for the habitants and achieve common goals) but her parents (the kings) refuse to risk their daughter in large projects.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom there is a malignant figure: the royal advisor, who seeks to overthrow the kingdom, usurp the throne and take possession of the real power.

The royal advisor, to achieve his evil purpose, prepare an elixir to carry out his plans; however he not doing its job correctly because carelessness, his potion is poured into a sewer.

Accordingly, a caterpillar walking around the place becomes a magic butterfly. One day, the magic butterfly bites Princess Kara and then something strange happens. Kara begins to see things differently and soon, Kara discovers she has super powers: thanks to the magic butterfly Kara now can fly, has super strength and agility.

Now she is a princess super that can help all her kingdom; Kara decides to rescue people in danger, catch criminals, help many people can; and she takes the name of Super Sparkle.

The news of her presence begins to become popular: everyone is amazed of Super Spankle and her feats, all celebrate least her cousin Corinne and the royal advisor.

The girls have created a secret headquarters to improve work effectiveness and now they can catch more criminals. Everything seems to work quite well; more and more people really trust in Super Spankle.

Meanwhile, the royal advisor keeps looking for ways to make your elixir, again, to have super powers to destroy the king. He puts the most effort, because should end as soon as possible his new potion.

It has come Kara birthday party and at that event, when Corinne discover the true personality of Super Spankle. She discovers that Kara is the superheroine of the kingdom. Corinne dies of jealousy and is dedicated to finding the magic butterfly to also have super powers.

Corinne gets its way, and she is bitten by the magic bug thus she becomes the rival of her cousin and she’s ready to give battle with super powers. At the time discovers that she has given superpowers to their small pets!

Meanwhile, the royal advisor has managed to get super powers so he seeks to eliminate the king and his family. Kara cannot let that happen and confronts him. When all seems lost, Corinne remorseful for his actions, he decides to help her cousin to save the city from destruction that caused the malefic royal advisor.

The two girls joined their power and manage to defeat the evil villain and finally all the inhabitants of the kingdom great pride in the achievements of girls. The kingdom now has two super heroines to protect them.

Kara finally resumes its Community Garden project and, with the help of everyone, achieves a better kingdom for everyone.

In this way all regain happiness and fortune continues to reign in this marvelous place.