Barbie In Rock ‘N Royals (2014)

Barbie in Rock‘ N Royals

Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals is the best musical of Barbie; in this film the adventures of Barbie are always guaranteed, this time playing to Courtney, a princess that will change your life in a very special way.

The film starts knowing the Princess Courtney, who is a little tired of what happens in her life as princess; she wants to relax and take a vacation at Camp princesses, which every year is performed.

This princesses camp is organized in conjunction with a camp for music stars; both feature the best of its kind; within luxurious boats they take guests to experience excellent experiences. For that reason, Courtney is willing to go, she is a little shy, but she knows can make good friends and learn new things in that place.

Erika for her part, a pop star who has had some ups and downs in his career as a singer, also decided to enter in the camp Pop. She is totally different from Courtney,her personality and characteristics are outgoing and looks focus whenever it occurs in one place.

Both girls are routed to live a new holiday experience but something unexpected happens.
The two ships of the two different camps have arrived at the port where a large number of music stars, princes and princesses are prepared to arrive at their respective boat. Erika and Courtney are no exception; but an error in the database record of their names, puts the girls in different camps: Courtney goes directly to the camp for rockstars and Erika goes to de Princess camp.

The girls realize they are wrong when they look at any of those around them and when the organizers would indicate the activities to be undertaken during their stay place: In the camp princesses learns good manners, gunwales new royal protocol, classical music and art. While in the camp pop guys know new rhythms, instruments, singing, dancing and more.

Courtney and Erika do their best because you are returned to their camps but that is impossible, so after much thought, they decided to stay each in the camp that does not belong and trying to adapt to their new friends and new activities.

Princess Courtney begins to forget her shy personality with the help of her new friends, who encourage her to participate in musical activities; while Erika learn some manners but also encourages the camp to become a musical celebration and joy. Both camps will prepare something incredible for your final project with a big musical show where the students show their abilities and musical growth, the camps will join forces and will demonstrate that although there might be differences between the two camps, kindness, friendship, unity, fellowship and especially music can unite and make a better world. Remember that this film can see this website completely free. Enjoy it with your family in the comfort of your home. Barbie never ceases to amaze and this time is no exception.