Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)

Barbie in the Nutcracker

This is one of the biggest hits Barbie movies have ever had! Do you know why? Because it has a little bit of everything, ballet, music and great animation, but above all it will take you on a journey to one of the most beautiful Christmas stories.

If you are thinking it will be a boring movie, you are in for a treat! It all begins when Barbie, who is a beautiful ballerina, is practicing some very complicated ballet steps with her little sister Kelly. During their rehearsal, Kelly is having lots of trouble getting the steps right and is afraid to go on stage.

Being such a good sister as she is Barbie in order to cheer her little sister up tells her a beautiful story full of wisdom and that will teach you a lesson.

This story is about a young girl named Clara that lives with her grandfather and brother; the night before Christmas their lovable aunt Elizabeth drops by to visit, and brings presents for her niece and nephew.

Clara receives a little toy nutcracker that is really nice, but she feels a strong connection to the little toy. She has no idea of all the adventures that she is about to live with her new toy!

Aunt Elizabeth is acting very suspicious she must be hiding something from Clara because, before she leaves she whispers to Clara that inside the nutcracker lays the heart of a true Prince! Exciting isn’t it?

The magic of this movie begins that very night when Clara is woken by some strange noises that are coming from a fierce battle between her toy the nutcracker and a mouse! While she tries to help her little toy she is enchanted by a spell the evil Mouse King has casted on her so she is now shrunken to the size of her nutcracker toy!

The nutcracker tells her he too has been a victim of the wicked Mouse King, he also tells her that he has to find a way to break the spell as soon as possible and save his kingdom that has fallen under the orders of the terrible Mouse King.

Clara and the nutcracker are about to live a series of adventures while they begin their search for the Sugar Princess who is the only one that can help them. And in order to do so, they must travel to a place named “Candy Land “ and that is ruled by the evil Mouse King ,who has disappeared Prince Erick the real heir to the throne !

Clara then realizes that Prince Erick is in fact her toy friend the nutcracker, and decides to help him find the Sugar Princess, who no one has ever seen before and is known that she is very nice, intelligent and brave.

During their journey to find the Sugar Princess they will have to win many battles, during one of those battles the Mouse King tries to make Clara disappear, the nutcracker defends Clara and is wounded Clara kisses him and in that very moment he turns into Prince Erick ! That is when everyone discovers that Clara is really the Sugar Princess!

Clara wakes up and is in her bed at home and just when she thinks everything has been a wonderful dream; her aunt Elizabeth comes in but she is not alone a very handsome young man, Prince Erick is with her. The new couple dances a beautiful waltz at the Palace!

So Barbie asks her sister Kelly to never give up and to always fight for her dreams. A beautiful message don’t you think? So we say the same to you! Fight for what you want and you will get it!