Barbie in The Pink Shoes (2013)

Barbie in The Pink Shoes

Kristyn is a ballet student she takes her lessons with Madame Natasha and many other students such as Hailey, Tara, and Dillon. They all practice once and again hoping to better their dance steps and become professionals.

Kristyn can do each dance step with no problem, but during one lesson she decide to improvise and do her own thing, so Madame Natasha punishes her and tear up her ballet slippers.

Kristyn is very sad but decides to buy a new pair of slippers Hailey goes along with her. They can’t find any slippers her size until they find Madame Katerina that shows her a beautiful pair of pink slippers, she immediately fall in love with them

When she puts them on her and her friend are transported to a magical world: a ballet world, where Kristyn is transformed into Gisselle a dance character in a play.

In this magical world she and dance like she has never danced before and this captivates Prince Albrecht and Prince Hilarion who fall in love with her and both ask her to marry the. Kristyn says no and decides to leave.

When her and her friend are about to leave a sleigh made of ice almost runs them over, it is drove by the Snow Queen that rules in the ballet world, she wants to know why the dancers have changed Giselle’s story and decides to play the part of the girl’s mother named Berthe; the Queen knows that when Berthe tries to sleep with the young girl she will turn into an ice sculpture.

Hilarion and Albrecht agree to work together and find the real Gisselle. Meanwhile, Hailey has realized that the slippers are behind everything that has been happening and tries to convince Kristyn to take them off, but she doesn’t want to and runs away. Hailey finds her in a lake. Hailey is now playing the part of Odette in the play.

The Queen that is furious with Kristyn has a plan to destroy her ,the evil Queen captures her friends and holds them prisoners, and makes them dance to music they don’t like; Hilarion and Albrecht try to save Kristyn ,but aren’t able to defeat the Queens magic.

Kristyn dance a magical dance and saves them all from the Queen, she then decides to take of the slippers and return to the place where she bought them.

When she returns, Miss Katerina comes in and tells her she has to be on stage in fifteen minutes.

Kristyn goes on stage and begins to dance, while she is dancing her dress magically turn from blue to purple and then pink, everyone is astonished for her wonderful performance and the talent hunters that have been watching her tell her they want her to be the lead ballerina and work for them, she happily accepts because her friend will also be going with her.