Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends (2008)

Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends

This beautiful story begins when our great hero from Fairytopia: Elina tells her friend Bibble, Mariposa’s story, Mariposa is a very intelligent fairy she lives in a kingdom faraway from Fairytopia named Flutterfield where beautiful fairies with butterfly wing live.

For centuries when night fell, the butterfly fairies must hide from the Skeezites huge monsters that eat fairies; until a magical fairy arrived to Flutterfield and lights it up with her powers so she became the Queen, Queen Marabella and was loved by everyone, except Henna.

Henna is the Queen assistant, she is envious and pretentious and wants to be the only one to rule Flutterfield, so she plans something to get rid of the Queen, and she wants to poison her and begins working on her evil plan.

Price Carlos, Marabella´s son is desperate, so he asks Mariposa a very brave fairy to help him look for an antidote and he gives her a map so she can go searching for the cure.

Meanwhile the Queen is getting weaker and weaker and the lights that protect Flutterfield are disappearing and making it vulnerable to the terrible Skeezities.

Mariposa and her friends are searching for the antidote to help save the Queen´s life. The antidote is right in the middle of the jungle inside a white flower that as the legend says will provide the antidote.

They follow the map but it is already dark and the Skeezities show up. The monsters attack the butterfly fairies but they are able to escape even though unfortunately the Skeezities eat the map.

The fairies begin to panic and don’t know what to do, Mariposa remembers there was an image of the sun on the map and comes to the conclusion they must travel east.

They manage to get to the jungle and they find a small rabbit that showed them the way to the place they were looking for and all he asked for in exchange was some popcorn.

The white flower is made of stone and there is no antidote, they go see the mermaid so that they can tell them where to find the antidote, the mermaid tell them that they will give them the information they want if they bring them some seashells, but the only seashells nearby are the ones that have merbabies in them and if they wake the babies they will cry and the horrible sea monster will be very angry, and that is exactly what happens the fairies must escape from the sea monster.

The mermaids told the fairies where to find the “Reflection Cave” and that is where the antidote is, the cave is being guarded by Skeezities, but the fairies are able to get it.

They finally find the fairy of the cave and she guides them to a place full of stars they must pick the star that contains the antidote, Mariposa chooses the correct one, and her wings become bigger and even more beautiful than before.

The four butterfly fairies return to Flutterfield just on time because the Skeezitis are attacking everyone.

Mariposa discovers that Henna is the one that was poisoning the Queen and they throw her out of the kingdom, they give Marabella the antidote and she is soon healed and happily continues ruling Mariposa.