Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess (2013)

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess

This beautiful story tells us about the adventures of Mariposa, a very smart fairy that read every book that she could get her hands on, she lived in Flutterfield a kingdom faraway from Fairytopia where beautiful fairies with big butterfly wings live.

Henna and evil butterfly fairy, has poisoned Queen Marabella because she wanted to take over her kingdom, and due to this the protection lights of Flutterfiles where about to disappear and if that were to happen the butterfly fairies would be vulnerable to the Skeeties monsters that eat fairies and are afraid of the light.

Mariposa and her friend go to the jungle and look for an antidote to save the Queen, and they find it they are able to save the Queen and ever since Mariposa is recognized and admired by the Butterfly fairies. For that reason the Queen of the butterfly fairies and the Prince want to put her in charge of a mission; she must go to Shimmerbell to make peace with the Crystal fairies, which they have been angry with for a long time and all due to misunderstandings between them.

Mariposa is afraid and doesn’t agree to carry on the mission, but Prince Carlos is able to convince her and gives her a present in name of the Queen it’s a Flutterflower and whenever she has doubts the flower will remind her that she must fight for her kingdom.

Mariposa is off to Shimmerbell to face the fearful Crystal fairies as Flutterfield ambassador; when she reaches the meeting point there is a Crystal Fairy who is afraid and thinks that Butterfly is going to attack her, and then she realizes that Mariposa is nice so she gives her a tour of the city.

Everyone in Shimmerbell is afraid of the Mariposa fairy, and she is impressed by the Cristaligths, the Crystal fairies most precious crystals.

Mariposa stays at the royal Palace and is received by Katiana a very kind and nice Crystal Fairy, she turned out be the Princess. Regeluis the King and Mariposa talk and they clear up a few rumors about the butterfly fairies that the King was interested in knowing about, then she is officially welcome in Shimmerbell, but everyone is still afraid of her Katiana and Mariposa have many things in common and they become good friends.

Katiana tells Mariposa that her father has told her she must always take care of the Cristalights because many have tried to steal them, and she tells Mariposa a story that happened to her when she was a child. An Evil old lady named Gwillon wanted the crystals and was captured. In order to get revenge she tried to kidnap Katrina during the struggle she tore the Princesses wings and ever since she has used her repaid wings and is afraid to fly.

Both fairies without permission go to a spectacular ball that is offered by the kingdom “The Crystal Ball”. They have so much fun, but King Regelius is furious when he finds out that his daughter not only is friends with Mariposa but has also given her a necklace with cristalights.

He scolds Katiana and exiles Mariposa from Shimmerbell. While Mariposa is on her way home she discovers that Gwillon is about to cast a spell on Shimmerbell that will turn out the Cristalights and turn them to stone and the city will freeze. She immediately returns to the city that she has been kicked out of to help save her new friends.

Mariposa tries to stop Gwillon but is also frozen by the spell that has fallen on everyone. Katiana her good friend is able to stop Gwillon with an amazing act of courage.

The two kingdoms are at peace at last. Shimmerbell gives a cristalight to Flutterfield as a peace offering between the kingdoms, and they live happily ever after.