Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)

Barbie of Swan Lake

When braveness seems to be hidden inside us, we just need to trust and believe that we can achieve wonderful things!

Odette’s story is one of the most beautiful stories in the world. A young girl that lived with her father a humble baker, that struggles to live day by day with help from his daughter. Until one day their lives would change forever!

An ordinary day just like any other, Odette fallowed a unicorn that had escaped from town and wondered into the enchanted forest, without even noticing, she enters that magical world, home of the beautiful unicorn: the enchanted forest that unfortunately has been touched by the evil of a wicked wizard named Rothbart, who plans to take control of the entire kingdom.

While Odette’s in the enchanted forest she accidently moves a magic crystal that nobody was ever able to move. The legend said that whoever could move the crystal would be the only person that could face the terrible Rothbart!

The fairy Queen saw that Odette moved the crystal, and told her she was the one they had all been waiting for and that had been chosen and that her destiny is to defeat Rothbart.

Odette was scared and wanted to run away, the evil wizard already knew Odette was the one that moved the magic crystal, and afraid the legend could be true decides to face Odette so he castes a spell on her that changes her into a beautiful swan.

Odette now as a swan, is forced to go back to the fairy Queen, and begs for her to help her be human again. The good fairy helps Odette but she is only able to make the spell weak, so Odette is to be a human during the night and a swan during the day.

Odette knows she can´t be like this forever, so she decides to help those who live in the enchanted forest and also looks for a way to break the spell that has been casted on her.

The fairy Queen gives her a crystal crown that will protect her from Rothbart, who will not give up until he gets rid of her.

Rothbart attacks Prince Daniel´s attention to the beautiful swan he does this because he knows that the Prince is a hunter and hopes he kills the swan but Prince Daniel thinks the swan is too beautiful to be killed and he follows it that is how he discovers that it is really a beautiful young lady who he falls instantly in love with.

Only true love can break the spell, love like the one Prince Daniel feel for Odette. When Rothbart realizes this he tries to kill Odette by taking away her crystal crown making her vulnerable to his evil magic once again.

Rothbart thinks Odette is dead and decides to change the fairy Queen into a mouse, when he thinks he has defeated them and will now rule the entire kingdom, Prince Daniel finds that Odette is hurt and afraid that she will die he gives her a big hug and finally tells her how much he loves her all of the sudden the spell is broken!!!

Everything goes back to normal; Prince Daniel and Odette celebrate a wonderful wedding full of love and magic where at last their bravery and love has conquered!!