Barbie Presents Thumbelina (2009)

Barbie Presents Thumbelina

Barbie and her kinder garden students are off to the forest to plant trees. Each child picks a tree to plant, they all pick the biggest and prettiest ones, all of them except Emma a little girl that picks a very small tree and when she is going to plant it they all make fun of her.

Barbie encourages Emma to plant the tree by telling her that it will grow to be a huge, wonderful and strong… very strong oak tree. So Barbie decides to tell her students the story of Thumbelina.

Thumbelina is small a very small Twillerbee that lives in the woods faraway from civilization, a place where you can play and walk peacefully.

Thumbelina has two friends Janessa and Chrysella, soon there will be Twillerbabies, that is a show they must not miss, and they are very excited. Let me tell you what it’s about. Twillerbabies are flowers of a beautiful plant called Twillerbuds, which are rarely able to be seen. And that’s why Thumbelina and her friends put on fake wings to fly over the woods and watch the beautiful flowers bloom.

While they are flying over the Twillerbuds they hear a terrible noise they had never heard before, they are curios and decide to go find out what has produced the terrible sound, and they discover that many tractors are heading towards their beautiful fields!!!

They hide among the flowers that are suddenly chopped off and they are taken to a place in the city they have never been before and their adventure begins.

The three friends are very afraid, and are looking for a way to escape and go back to their home in the fields. The house that they have arrived to belongs to a couple Evan and Vanessa, and their daughter Makena.

Mister Evan is and his partner Myron are in charge of the company that wants to destroy the field’s home of Thumbelina and the Twillerbees, and build a big factory.

Thumbelina and her friends overhear a conversation about how the fields are going to be destroyed, so they decide to do something to make them stop.

Thumbelina sends her friends back to the fields so that they can get all of the Twillerbees organized and stop them from building the factory, meanwhile she will try to win Makena’s trust and friendship and that way she can try to convince her parents to stop their construction plans.

Makena doesn’t take Thumbelina seriously and doesn’t even consider her as a friend, but when she realizes that Thumbelina is telling her the truth then Makena gets really worried for her little friend that is about to lose her home, Makena asks Thumbelina to forgive her and tells her she will help her save her home.

The very next day, Makena asks her parents to stop the construction plans and Thumbelina must explain to them that they should have some respect for the Twillerbuds and their home especially now that the flowers are about to bloom. Evan and Vanessa are touched and convinced they have to do something to help Thumbelina and they try to stop Myron, Evans partner and is already beginning the field destruction in order to start building the factory.

The Twillerbees and the birds make lots of plants magically grow and by doing so they ruin Myron’s plans, his worker runaway thinking the fields are enchanted. Myron is furious. Evan and Vanessa arrive in time to see the Twillerbuds bloom, they can’t believe their eyes it’s one of the most wonderful thing they have ever seen so they decide to always protect those marvelous fields.