Barbie Princess Adventure (2020)

Barbie Princess Adventure

Barbie is back in a new musical movie, which we were waiting so much for this 2020. On this occasion, Princess Amelia is in trouble, and she has to change places with Barbie. The great resemblance that both girls have, leads them to enter a new adventure where they must discover many things about friendship, and self-discovery. In this story, Barbie goes on a trip to the country of Floravia, but she will not go alone, she and her friends are determined to meet Princess Amelia who is talked about so much for her beauty and courage.

Amelia is very nervous, as she is days away from ascending the throne, but she is not convinced that being a queen is a good idea.

Determined that her life should have new adventures, she takes advantage of Barbie’s stay in Floravia to change places with her. Together they will fight against a villainous prince, who discovers her secret and tries to reveal it. In addition, Princess Amelia needs to find her own voice, Barbie’s friends will help the girl in this musical and fun process.

At the beginning of the story, when the princess of Floravia feels overwhelmed by the real life that is presented to her every day, she realizes that in Malibu there is a girl named Barbie who looks identical to her. Barbie, being a renowned vlogger, is invited as a Cultural Exchange between Malibu and Floravia, however for a week Barbie and Amelia would change places and personalities. The exchange of roles for a week will give a greater learning to the life of the girls.

While Amelia lives her life without the royal responsibilities, Barbie must put order in Floravia which is also known as the Land of Romance, and where the national food is thistles, Amelia is the youngest queen that this country so great and beautiful. While in Floravia, Barbie’s friends discover that the fashion in that place is unmatched and Amelia is the highest representative of good dress.

In addition, the inhabitants of the kingdom have the option to shop in countless clothing stores to imitate the princess using the best clothes. In this adventure, Teresa is more interested in the history and architecture of Floravia and we will learn more about that in this movie.

But difficulties always arise and Johan, a rival prince from the country of Johanistan, who was organizing a royal ball at the coronation of Princess Amelia, will give some problems that the guys must solve. The royal ball would re-promulgate the treaty between the two countries and said performance would decree the submission of Johanistan to Floravia. Yet Johan longs to be crowned king.

Among his plans he plans the kidnapping of Amelia so that she will miss the coronation and he can be king. That way both kingdoms would be his. Barbie and her friends, must do everything possible for Amelia to reach the coronation, will she be ready to be queen after her adventure as a normal girl? Will he give up the throne in favor of Johan? You can’t miss this new Barbie musical adventure!