Barbie Princess Charm School (2011)

Barbie Princess Charm School

Blair is a Young girl who lives with her mother and sister in a kingdom named Gardenia. Blair must work hard in order to support her family because her mother is sick and her sister is little.

One day while she is watching TV. she decides to enter a contest where many princesses from different kingdoms are invited. They will be thought to become real princesses by learning good manners and royal habits. In that contest each year it’s permitted that a peasant be enrolled.

The purpose of the contest is to graduate and obtain a scholarship as well as to become a royal lady a title that brings great satisfaction.

Blair is accepted in the institution and this is where the adventure begains. Blair is received by the principal Mrs. Alezandra Privet she explains the rules to Blair.

Blair pays close attention to everything said to her, when she opens her locker she finds a small fairy named Grace inside, Grace will help her while she is there.

The lesson began; she becomes friends with her roommates Hadley and Isla and their fairy assistants: Caprice and Harmony.

Dalancy another student, wants to be the winner of the contest, she rejects Blair because she is a peasant and this school should only be for royalty.

Classes are hard for Blair, because she doesn’t know much about royal duties, nevertheless she tries really hard and puts all her effort into learning as much as she can; one day Blair tells her friends that she is adopted and was abandoned with a small package, in that package was a drawing theta she tells her friend about.

They listen to her story and cheer her up telling her she can look for her real parents.

Time fly’s and the lessons continue; when winter fall the young boys from the Blue Prince Academy visit their school; Blair meets Prince Nicholas who she likes very much.

The young boys return to their school even though the girls don’t want them to. The principal tell them the boys will be back for the final ceremony, when the will at last have a Princess graduate, Princess Gardenia.

Its spring at last an only two days to the ceremony, where the winner will be crowned.

Isla and Hadley are telling Blair a legend about the royal family ,the legend of a magic crown from Gardenia that is said would lite up once its set apon the head of the true heir to the throne.

Blair’s two new friends believe that she is the true Princess of Gardenia, because she was found the same day the kings of Gardenia died.

Delancy overhears what Blair’s friends have told her and is very angry, she doesn’t want anyone to win the crown but her.

But nothing can stop fate and that night at the graduation party when Blair is crowned the legend is proven to be true the crown lights up and it is confirmed Blair is the daughter of the king and Queen of Gardenia. Blair and Nicholas are together again!

The Princess gets a very pleasant visit her adoptive mom and sister she receives them with great joy and love she tells then that from that day on the Palace is their new home!!