Barbie The Princess and the Popstar (2012)

Barbie The Princess and the Popstar

Tori the Princess of Maribella is very excited because of the upcoming party of her magical kingdom celebrating five hundred years of its foundation.

She loves to have fun and this bothers her aunt Amelia who wishes to make of her an educated Princess, she wants her to be a young girl responsible of her royal duties but Tori wishes to be like Keira her favorite pop singer, who she admires and wishes to be just like her. Keira is tired of the obligations that she must comply with she turns against her manager. She wishes she could be like the Princess and didn’t have to work.

Kira goes to the party being held at Tori´s kingdom, and she meets Princess Tori and immediately become friends, they take a walk around the castle they talk about how happy they are, and each of them wishes to be like the other then they discover that they can use magic to switch places, and they do it.

Now Tori looks just like Kira and the other way around.

Tori teaches Kira everything she must know about the palace including the Gardenia that gives diamonds and is guarded by two tiny fairies.

When Aunt Amelia realizes that there is an intruder she scolds the girls but she is not aware that Crider an evil man that is with her has noticed the gardenias greatness, meanwhile the girls have decided to change places for one day. tori is having fun in Maribella like never before and she discovers that things in the kingdom are not like they should be so they both agree to take one more day to live the experience that they have always wanted.

Aunt Amelia locks Kira in her room because she wants her to have a speech ready for that night she calls tori but tori has lost her cellphone and the Princess as Kira is forced to give a concert and she does it with flying colors.

Crider enters the Royal garden to steel the gardenia that gives diamonds the tiny fairies try to stop him but it’s impossible, then Kaira comes to the rescue just on time and Tori arrives and they both show there true identity then they notice that the gardenia is dead and plant their friendship necklace hoping for a new magic plant. And their wishes come true a new plant is born and everyone is happy both friends give a concert together and enjoy their friendship!